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Travel Wedge

NOT JUST FOR IRISH DANCE...Pageants, Folklorico, Ballet, Gymnastics, Cheerleading...YOU NAME IT!!! We personalize your logo/bag!!!

Helpful Hints

Perfect for travel-compact and lightweight, our new Travel Wedge has a thin 2" sturdy plastic siding all the way around the bag, encased in nylon fabric to make the sides stiff and keep its shape. (This is not a Samsonite-style siding.)

The lining inside to seperate your dresses (up to 2 for sure) so they don't rub together. The Wedge has a shoulder strap and a small handle on top of the bag for easy carrying. The zipper opening goes fully from one side to the other, making it even easier to put your dress in the bag.

The bottom of the bag is padded so the dress is further protected, and the dowel rod slides into pockets on each side. This rod cannot slip out, so dresses can't fall off the dowel. This dowel rod can hold two dresses!

Available in eight colors: Royal blue, red, black, purple, emerald green, forest green, medium pink and navy; all with black trim and black zippers. This bag can be embroidered. We will embroider on the center of the bag.

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Personalize your bag with our custom embroidery service!

Color Options

Click here for color swatches (opens in new window) Zippers are in black only.


  • Across top- 24"
  • Top to bottom- 24"
  • Depth - 2"
  • At widest- 39"
Medium - NEW!!!!!  
  • Across top- 24"
  • Top to bottom- 22"
  • Depth - 2"
  • At widest- 35"
  • Across top- 24"
  • Top to bottom- 22"
  • Depth- 2"
  • At widest- 33"
Mini Travel wedge                                
  • 20" across the top
  • 20" top to bottom
  • Depth - 2"
  • 30" at the widest


  • $84.50
  • Discounts for an order of 8 or more (same color)


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